What Does Pressure-Treated Wood Mean for Privacy Fences?

You’ve probably seen advertisements on TV or online for pressure-treated wood or pressure-treated lumber. Have you ever wondered what that means, exactly? Today’s blog from Carnahan-White Fence Company explains what pressure-treated wood means for privacy fences.

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A Great Option for Privacy Fences

When considering the type of wood for your privacy fence, pressure-treated lumber represents a good option for property owners. That’s because pressure-treated wood resists weathering, damage, and intrusions from moisture. Pressure-treated wood also makes your privacy fence less susceptible to insects, fungal rot, and decay due to mold, mildew, and moisture.

How Pressure Treating Happens

Pressure-treated wood goes through a special process to achieve its weather-resistant properties. The lumber goes into a cylinder where it’s sealed and pressurized. Then water-based preservatives are imbued deep into the cellular structure of the wood. 

The most common chemical used for pressure-treating wood is alkaline copper quat (ACQ). Copper is toxic to insects, fungi, and other microorganisms that might feast on your privacy fence. ACQ binds extremely well to wood fibers, making it an ideal choice for structures where preservation is the utmost priority. Pressure-treated wood can last for decades, even if it touches the ground.

Choose Wisely

When selecting pressure-treated wood for your privacy fence, you want lumber that’s approved for ground contact applications. Ground contact means the product is approved for use on or in the ground. Ground contact lumber also provides resistance to other conditions, such as weather exposure, humidity exposure, and condensation. 

Advantages of Pressure-Treated Privacy Fences

You should definitely consider pressure-treated wood for your privacy fence. Take a look at some advantages of pressure-treated lumber for this application.

Value. Pressure-treated lumber is generally cheaper compared to other types of wood. If you want low cost to go along with a great appearance, we’ll suggest this kind of wood.

Durability. Pressure-treated wood is extremely durable, lasts a long time, and resists several types of damage in the elements. This type of lumber resists damage from weather, temperature changes, humidity, microorganisms, and insects.

Versatility. You can easily paint, stain, or add weatherproofing sealant to pressure-treated wood on your privacy fence. The lumber readily accepts these additions.

Eco-Friendly. Pine is the wood of choice for pressure-treated lumber. Pine trees generally grow fast, which means it’s an eco-friendly option when you want a sustainable type of wood.

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Carnahan-White & Residential Privacy Fences

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