What Goes Into Installing a Privacy Fence?

Carnahan-White installs all types of residential and commercial fences, including high-quality privacy fences for your home. In today’s blog, we answer the question, “What goes into installing a privacy fence?” 

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Checking for Utilities

The first thing we do is check for utilities. We can’t dig post holes for a privacy fence if there are utility lines in the way! Someone will come out to your property before our installers get there to mark utility lines that might be buried underground.


Once our crews get there, we dig post holes for your privacy fence that go at least 30 inches into the ground. Deep post holes provide a strong anchor for the huge planks of wood. We need to dig post holes this deep so we can support the fence posts with enough dirt and concrete that they’ll stay upright for a lifetime. We’ll use an auger to dig the holes.

Placing the Posts & Securing With Concrete

Then we place privacy fence posts, one at a time, into each post hole. Our teams pour concrete into the hole until the cement reaches just below the level of the ground. We make sure the posts remain straight up and down (so they’re not leaning), and we make sure that the posts are set to the correct depth in the post hole.

We Wait

It takes at least 24 hours for the concrete to cure properly before we can install the rest of your privacy fence. If the temperature will get close to freezing overnight, we may need to cover each post hole with a tarp as a layer of insulation. Our teams might allow the concrete to cure a bit longer, too.

Installing Wood Planks

Once the concrete cures, the real fun begins. It’s time to install the wooden planks on the rest of your privacy fence! Our team will bring the lumber in a truck or trailer. Then we’ll lay out the planks in between each post. Whether they’re vertical or horizontal, you’ll hear the occasional nail or staple gun going off as the air pressure allows us to fasten wooden planks quickly and efficiently in between the posts. 

We make sure each plank we install looks straight, both up and down and horizontally, for a cohesive look. Once we’re done, our team cleans up any debris and makes sure your new privacy fence meets or exceeds your specifications.

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Carnahan-White for Residential Privacy Fence Installation

Carnahan-White installs privacy fences at any time of year. As cooler weather sets in, we’re actually less busy and might be able to complete your privacy fence project faster. Contact Carnahan-White or call (417) 883-0733 for more information.