What Is the Best Alternative to a Chain-Link Fence?

Chain-link fences are a common, less expensive alternative to other types of fencing. While they work great for some, they have their downsides. 

Chain-link fences often aren’t very tall and don’t hide much of your yard. So they don’t provide as much privacy and safety as many people would like. Their low height makes them easy for animals or people to get over. Some people don’t like the idea of their kids being fully visible while playing in the backyard.

Carnahan-White has some great alternatives to a chain-link fence.

Vinyl Fencing

If you want to keep your budget low, vinyl is another fencing option cheaper than wood or iron. Vinyl fencing is made of durable plastic, with many options for height, color, and shape. Your vinyl fencing can match any home’s style and colors. If you have the correct installer, vinyl fencing can look very sleek.

Vinyl fencing is incredibly durable and doesn’t need much maintenance besides power washing once a season. It doesn’t rot or warp like wood and doesn’t have to be restained. It is safe for kids and animals, and it can provide full privacy and protection to your yard.

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Wood Fence

A wood fence is what many people think of when you mention a privacy fence. Wood is popular because it looks nice, and can be stained to match the color of your home. Wooden fences are tall and keep your yard private, last a long time, and typically only need maintenance once or twice a year.

They are many different types of wood that make a great privacy fence, some cheaper than others. Two popular options include cedar and pine. Both are great for providing safe play areas for pets and children.

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Iron Fence

While iron fences tend to be a bit more costly, they are very beautiful. The right iron fence can give your home a very upscale look. Most iron fences do not provide the visual privacy of vinyl or wood, but they are very low maintenance, durable, and great for fencing off any area for pets or children.

Is Chain-Link Fencing Right for You?

If you are looking for a lower-cost option and don’t need the visual privacy of vinyl or wood, a chain-link fence might be a great option for you. Chain-link fencing is great around gardens or yards where you want to keep small animals out but still would like the view to come through.

Carnahan-White carries only high-quality chain-link fences that have only been galvanized after weaving.

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