What Is the Best Fence for a Backyard Pool?

Just like your backyard, your pool needs safety features to prevent accidents and ensure that only approved guests enter the pool area. There are many different fence styles on the market that can be perfect for pool protection. Carnahan-White discusses how to select the right pool fence and materials. 

Fencing Factors for Swimming Pools

There is no perfect pool fencing out there that can cater to every single pool shape and size. The right pool fence for you will depend on your own unique needs and preferences. Consider the types of problems you’ll want to solve with a fence and how it’ll look and fit in your yard. Here are some things to think about:

Safety: Will you have small children running around that may fall in the pool? You may want to consider taller fences and a safety-gate to prevent any unwanted falls or accidents. Small pets may also be subject to falls or accidental dips if the area is not blocked off. 

Unwanted Visitors: Pool hoppers can be pretty common. You’ll need a fence that’s sturdy and hard to climb over in order to stop them in their tracks. 

Privacy: Don’t want your neighbors to even know you have a pool? No problem. There are plenty of fencing options that’ll keep your yard secluded. 

Style: Perhaps you want a fence style that is cohesive with the exterior of your home. Consider color schemes, textures, and the functionality of the fence to find the perfect style for you.

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Pool Fence Types

So what is the best material when it comes to pool fencing? That’s up to you and your needs! Here are a few of the most popular fence types and their uses.


Chain-link fencing is classic and certainly serves its purpose to create a barrier around your pool. It’s affordable, however, it is quite easy for trespassers to climb and it provides no privacy. If you’re looking to keep small animals or children out, this is a good option.


Iron fencing is a lot harder to climb which can keep pool hoppers at bay. Iron does require a bit of upkeep, as it can rust over time due to excessive rain and sun. However, it can be worth the investment because wrought-iron looks beautiful and can last for many years. 

Wood Fence

This is a classic fence material that not only looks great but is also highly functional. Whether you want to leave it natural, paint it, or stain it, there are hundreds of different design options to choose from. While affordable, wood fencing does need a bit of upkeep. Paint can chip, and stain can fade, so you’ll need to do some maintenance every few years. 


Vinyl fences are quite weather-resistant and can withstand harsh winds and extreme temperatures. They also require very little maintenance. They can, however, cost a bit of money to install. When considering vinyl fencing, it’s also important to know that it can obstruct your view of the pool. 

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Choose Your Pool Fence at Carnahan-White

No matter the type of fencing you choose, Carnahan-White will help you install it. We want to make sure you’re happy with your fence selection and its benefits. If you’re considering installing a pool fence, or residential fence, call Carnahan-White today at 417-883-0733. We’ll help you get settled!