Wooden Fence Tips for Your Outdoor Dog

Carnahan-White Fence Company takes pride in constructing and installing beautiful fences all over Southwest Missouri. Whether you want an iron fence, a sturdy gate, or a wooden privacy fence, we do it all! In today’s blog from Carnahan-White, we explain some wooden fence tips regarding your dog. 

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Some dogs can jump really high. German shepherds, labrador retrievers, pit bulls, border collies, and rottweilers are avid jumpers. But jumping isn’t just for big dogs. Jack Russell terriers, greyhounds, rat terriers, Shetland sheepdogs, and papillons can also jump pretty high. If you have a dog that jumps high, you want a wooden fence that’s at least 6 feet tall. If you have terriers that love to dig, the bottom of the fence must also be secure.

We all have obligations that prevent us from being home all of the time. It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t leave dogs alone and free to roam in your fenced-in yard. Dogs will eventually get bored and will want to explore. Dogs are naturally curious and love roving around. Their senses of smell and hearing are excellent. Even if you have a fence that’s high enough and secure enough at the bottom, dogs may find a way to get out from behind the wooden fence eventually. They might try chewing on a portion of the fence until it’s weak enough to give way.

Consider installing a dog run in your backyard for when you’re not at home. There are many commercially available dog runs to install. You can put them in between two trees or dedicated metal posts. For safety, make sure the dog run attaches to a harness that wraps around your dog’s entire body instead of a regular collar. You shouldn’t install one end of a dog run against your wooden fence. That may weaken the plank it’s on, and then the dog run breaks eventually. If you don’t want a dog run, a dog-specific enclosure works great to keep your dog both outdoors and contained.

Wooden fences aren’t there just to contain your outdoor dog. They keep animals away from your dog and offer protection. Privacy fences, installed properly, can keep out deer, rabbits, and other dogs. Wild animals can carry rabies and other diseases. Fences can keep your dog from getting animal bites, illnesses, or other injuries.

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