My Fence Sustained Storm Damage. What Do I Do Now?

A fence provides the safety and security you need to really enjoy your property. Even if you maintain your fence and keep it in great shape, occasionally, you may find your fence damaged after a particularly nasty storm. If you wake up one morning to find sections of your fence damaged, all is not lost. Today, the team at Carnahan-White Fence Company will discuss the steps you should take after your fence sustains storm damage.

Contact Your Homeowners Insurance Company First

If you have homeowners insurance, you may find out that your policy covers fence damage. However, like all insurance policies — the situation may impact coverage. For instance, most policies will cover a tree falling on your fence, or a lightning strike. However, they may not cover your fence if it was already damaged by termites or mold. 

To protect yourself, remain vigilant when maintaining your fence. If the worst happens and a storm damages your fence, you can help your case with the insurance company by showing it was well maintained. 

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Contact Your Fence Company Next

Before you go out and begin to clean up the damaged area, give your fence professionals time to assess the damage. They will provide you with an estimate of the potential repair or replacement costs that you can give to your insurance company. Find a professional fence company you can trust — like Carnahan-White.

Consider a Different Fence Style 

If your fence is one of the few fences in the neighborhood that was damaged during a storm, it’s probably not a coincidence. Generally, the damage is a result of shear winds finding a path between homes or other structures. When you choose a replacement style, consider an iron fence, with enough room to allow wind to pass through. If you prefer wood or vinyl fences, simply ask for a design that has more space between the pickets to lessen the chances of future wind damage. Ask your fence professional for their advice to prevent storm damage in the future.

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Trust Carnahan-White For Your Fence Needs

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