Privacy Fence for Your Home Basketball Court

Your home basketball court offers a way for you and your family to be physically active while playing a fun sport. How many times have you had fun with a father-son one-on-one challenge or a family game of HORSE? If you want a great home basketball court, a privacy fence is part of the gameplan. Carnahan-White explains in today’s blog.

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Fences around sporting courts, especially basketball courts, need to be sturdy. A ball will crash into the fence every time someone plays on the court. Someone might accidentally run into the fence too. Wooden privacy fences are perfect for basketball courts because they’re sturdy, built to last, tall, and don’t have any sharp points that could injure someone.

When you think about privacy fences, you probably envision vertical planks of wood lined up in rows about six feet tall. Now, reconsider that vision for a moment. Carnahan-White can install privacy fencing that’s not your traditional picket fence. We will build a sturdy base of concrete followed by a custom fence that matches the color and style of your home’s exterior for a cohesive look.

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Privacy fences can let a gentle breeze through them thanks to a shadowbox design. Carnahan-White makes these types of fences by placing a central rail in between the fence posts. Then, alternating boards are placed on one side of the rail and then the other. A shadowbox privacy fence creates a small gap, usually an inch or two, between the planks of wood. Direct sightlines are cut off, so no one can see your intense game of hoops. However, the fence still lets a nice breeze through to help keep everyone cool.

Your basketball court’s privacy fence does more than keep people from seeing what’s going on. The fence can help keep the ball from going into another yard or rolling into the street. Consider a gate for your privacy fence that could block off access to a driveway or a street. Fencing around a basketball court is an important safety feature, particularly if you have children.

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Carnahan-White Fence Company specializes in privacy fences, chain link fences, security fencing, and more. We also construct and install athletic courts on your property, including basketball and tennis courts. Call the Carnahan-White team today at 417-883-0733 to get started on your basketball court privacy fence.