How to Handle Leaves That Fall Near Your Privacy Fence

Carnahan-White has been around since 1952. We’ve installed a lot of privacy fences since that time. Today’s blog from Carnahan-White Fence Company discusses how to handle leaves that fall near your privacy fence during the autumn months. 

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Leaves can build-up around the bottom of your privacy fence. Although the wood for the fence is protected from wear and tear, excess moisture along your fence posts or fence planks can warp or damage the wood over time. This type of damage may look cosmetic, such as changing the color to an ashen gray rather than the brown color of normal wood. 

Insects could start to infest leaf piles near your fence, and a line of dirt may appear. Removing your leaves promptly every fall can reduce the damage that leaves may cause.

Start by raking the leaves that are closest to your privacy fence. Chances are good that some leaves have formed neat little hills along the bottom of the fence. Some of them might not even come from a nearby tree. They could have blown from across the yard

Once you rake the leaves away from the privacy fence, get out your leaf blower. Blow them all into a pile away from your privacy fence before collecting them. The overall goal is to get the leaves away from the fence first because that makes blowing them much easier.  

If you have a large yard or long fence with thousands of leaves, perhaps a leaf vacuum or lawnmower would be a better choice. A leaf vacuum sucks up the leaves and grinds them into a fine mulch for compost. Mowers not only turn the leaves into small bits, but they can collect leaves for transport to your compost bin or local yard waste facility. Consider raking leaves away from the fence first before mowing, so your fence doesn’t get in the way of mowing.

Remove the leaves from your yard promptly. You don’t want them to set overnight because they might blow up against your fence. Then you’ll be collecting leaves all over again next to your privacy fence.

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