How to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

Animals that wander into your garden can quickly become pests if they destroy your plants. In today’s blog, Carnahan-White has a few tips to keep deer out of your yard.

Grow Your Garden Closer to Your Home

Deer often wander into yards not to cause trouble, but to look for food for themselves or their fawns. Plants like ivy or fruit plants like apple trees or strawberry bushes are the most sought after. Even flowers are considered tasty to deer. If you find that several of these plants have been eaten, consider relocating them closer to your home. Deer won’t risk being too close to humans, which means they may leave plants near your house alone.

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Plant Taste-Based Repellents

Just like humans, deer rely heavily on their sense of smell and taste to find food. They’re attracted to sweet scents and other plants that smell delicious. If you can make your yard or garden smell unpleasant, deer will likely look for food elsewhere. Pungent plants like mint, garlic, and lavender have strong odors that are too powerful for deer to handle. Place these plants around your garden and deer will likely steer clear. If you’re not sure of what plants will work, consider asking a local gardener or plant specialist.

Maintain Your Yard

If your property is cluttered with weeds or large shrubs or bushes, this may be why your yard is attractive to deer. Deer often hang around areas with lots of places to hide in case of danger. Trim up your yard and eliminate the hiding spots. Deer will likely steer clear of your yard and find other places to go.

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Plant Hedges

A natural barrier for deer is the hedge fence. A tall hedge will act as a perimeter to keep deer out of your yard. Since deer can’t see through hedges, they’ll most likely skip your yard if they can’t see what’s inside. Be sure that your hedges are tall enough so the deer can’t see or jump over them. 

Build a Fence With Carnahan-White

If deer have become a real problem for your yard, consider fence installation from Carnahan-White. Fences will keep deer at bay and your vegetable or flower garden intact. Call us today at (417) 883-0733 for a quote on residential fences.