How to Make Your Privacy Fence More Eco-Friendly

Caring for the world we live within is the responsibility of every individual that exists on it. At Carnahan-White, we believe that eco-friendly fencing is an important option to consider for any individual seeking to protect the privacy of their home. In today’s blog, the experts at Carnahan-White Fence Company will cover three eco-friendly fencing options for replacing just one section of your fence that needs it, or switching up the landscaping of your backyard.  

Privacy Trees or Shrubs

For privacy and a pleasant visual experience, a privacy shrub or tree line represents an excellent choice. These plants can stay thick and flowered for a majority of the year, providing much-needed privacy from your neighbors. 

Ecostone Recycled Content

Ecostone fences are fences made from recycled materials, like plastic. They’re made to resemble stone, and are incredibly durable. They block 90% of sound, and withstand strong winds. The fact that these fences are made from recycled materials makes them an ideal choice for immediate, or gradual fence replacement. 

Bio Composite Fencing

This fence material is made entirely out of recycled materials. It has a plastic component that blocks the fence from moisture, which allows the makers to keep it completely free of toxic chemicals. This makes it a natural, eco-friendly choice for your next fence.   

Wood Privacy Fences

Did you know that wood privacy fences are eco-friendly? When your fence nears its shelf life and you need to replace it, wood can be repurposed into mulch and other eco-friendly products that give the material new life. Plus, lumber companies often plant trees in sustainable ways that replenish the timber that they harvest.

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Carnahan-White on Eco-Friendly Fencing

Here at Carnahan-White, we like to focus on finding eco-friendly options for our customers while also remaining true to our classic wood privacy fence style. If you’re interested in a fresh look for your privacy fence, we’d love to hear from you.  Contact Carnahan-White or call 417-883-0733 to talk to us about what you envision for your place.