Choosing the Best Stain Color for Your Privacy Fence

The new privacy fence is finally up. Now it’s time to choose a stain color. But where do you begin? 

The experts at Carnahan-White Fence Company can assist you in choosing the right color that will complement your style and give you a look you’ll love for years to come. 

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Complement Your Existing Structures

Colonial white? Slate gray contemporary? Modern farmhouse? The style and color of your home and other structures around it should be a signal to what color stain you choose for your privacy fence. Remember to take into consideration pergolas, decks and adjoining fences as well. 

Choose the Right Stain

A transparent stain can last up to two years. Semi-transparent can last up to three years. Be sure to ask for a commercial-grade stain that is more resistant to damaging UV rays that fade the color and make the fence look older than it is. 

Additionally, know what kind of wood your fence is made from. Different woods will absorb stains differently. You can achieve a more uniform, matching look by using thinners and different colors of stain, depending upon the wood you’re working with. Consult one of our professionals to understand the best course of action for your privacy fence. 

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Consider Lighting

Is your space a harbor for full sun, or is shade the main dweller? A dark stain in a shaded yard can make the space even darker and appear smaller. If a light stain is chosen for a full-sun space, it can appear larger and more open but could possibly look washed out as well. Consult with one of our fencing experts to help you choose the right color for your privacy fence and space. 

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HOA Requirements

Many neighborhoods have homeowners associations (HOA). If you happen to live in one, there could be strict rules regarding fence colors. If you violate the rules, you could be subject to heavy fines. Be sure and check with your HOA to identify approved colors before choosing your own. 

Wood Privacy Fences by Carnahan-White

Carnahan-White can construct, build, and install a wood privacy fence for your residential property to upgrade your yard and give your family a sense of privacy. Contact Carnahan-White or call 417-883-0733 to talk to us about what you envision for your place.